Carvaan Camps

Creative Learning activities for children

One of the main objectives of the summer camp is to give children an opportunity to learn skills they do not normally get.

Exposure to real-life experiences tied together with dramatics, nature, creativity, art, or science, stimulates mental, physical and behavioral growth among children.

In the past 11 years we have been conducting summer camps for children from the Municipal schools. This began with including 10 underprivileged children free of cost in the paid camp organized for children from the well to do backgrounds.

This is inspired by past several years’ experience and enthusiastic participation of children in large numbers. We have an excellent team of resource people to conduct these activities.

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‘Annual summer camp’ – for the BMC School children

Most of the children spend their summer vacation playing, doing household work, viewing T.V etc. Parents from well-to-do families send their wards to certain camps where they get exposure to arts, skills, innovation etc. In such camps children learn things of their choice. Parents of BMC school children are more concerned about making ends meet rather than thinking about their ward’s interest and proper utilization of their vacation period. Although parents are aware about the importance of these things, they are unable to bear the cost of such camps. Carvaan is an innovative camp for such deprived children providing them an opportunity and a platform.

Our Reach over past 10 years


2 School Program

Pawar Public


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