Navnirmiti Eduquality bases its work on the progressive alternative educational thoughts

and practices developed in the classrooms with the insights drawn from children, teachers and Math

educators in India and across the world.

Active Learning by Understanding Math:


Navnirmiti Eduquality has developed a comprehensive approach to teach all primary level school mathematics through ways that make learning of mathematics an interesting and enjoyable process. Through an Active Math Learning class an environment is created for students to learn mathematics by activities and hands on experience.


  • Quality Math Education for All.
  • Realistic and experience based Math learning
  • Learning by doing and understanding from concrete to abstract.
  • Constructing self-knowledge by discovering the unknown from known.


Math pedagogy provides a wide variety of materials and toys to play with, and learn mathematical concepts. Children get engaged in various math related activities in ways that are fun, inspiring and a far cry away from the way the subject is typically taught in the classroom. The children are encouraged to do and discover things on their own which goes a long way in developing their math competencies

I hear I forget  

 I see I remember  

I do I understand

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Pedagogy and methodologies

  • Child centric learning, Hands on experience based scientific methods
  • Using low cost and locally available, material and tools
  • Learning by doing, Learning by understanding, and only by understanding.


  • Every child should self construct the knowledge.
  • Reality based Math, relevant to every child.
  • Encourage experiential math learning that allows children make meaning.
  • Every child should develop a liking for the subject of mathematics.
  • Children should overcome their fear of maths.
  • Enhance and develop logical and objective thinking abilities.

Capacity Development Trainings/Workshops for Math Teachers


Navnirmiti Eduquality has strived to develop a pedagogy with comprehensive approach of practices, methodologies and tools to address primary, middle and high school mathematics in ways that will make the teaching as well as the learning of mathematics an enjoyable and meaningful process.


In the workshop, mathematical concepts are approached using distinctive ‘Do and Discover’ methodology including best practices and teaching-learning aids creatively designed by us.


The entire workshop is conducted in a “Learning by Understanding” framework.


Our highly interactive and activity-oriented workshops follow the principle of Inquiry/ Investigation to deepen the understanding, stimulate the thought process, discovery of the intrinsic patterns and relationships, thus enabling the participants to realize for themselves the purpose, power and beauty of the subject.


Pedagogical issues are given special attention.


The flow of workshop encourages the teachers to discover and reason out the  various alphanumeric structures like procedures, formulae, theorems, etc on their own which sharpens their mathematical understanding and competencies.

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Towards achieving its goals NME works in the following educational spaces-

  • Schools, teachers, parents and children.
  • Teacher Training.
  • Encourages voluntary and motivated teachers to participate in furthering the objectives
  • Create Mathematical model classrooms with an activity based teaching learning culture
  • Develop Math Resource Rooms, Math labs in schools
  • Innovate; develop ideas, practices by working closely with teachers and progressive educational practitioners, and similar pedagogical works.


Our Reach

Current School


BMC School

BMC School


Private School

Private School

NME’s objectives –


  • Develop mathematical thought process in every child for it to be able to re -invent math.
  • Math learners as independent, critical and integrated thinkers.
  • Developing Math understanding by doing and seeing Math in various forms

Teachers and Educators

  • Reach the understanding that algorithm and procedures are not Math but a representation of Math.
  • Increased performances in Math levels of classroom with quantifiable measurable outcomes.
  • Reach and share innovative math educational work with educators and practitioners.


  • Facilitate, support teachers in their endeavor and efforts by active classroom problem solving
  • Understanding the challenges with in a classroom setting and finding solutions within the realities of a classroom practice.
  • Strengthen and further the alternative pedagogy based on the insights drawn in the classroom

Math Lab

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Fun with Maths

Math Fest

One such learning initiative for children is “Math Fair.” The purpose of Math fair is to initiate the action to achieve the vision ‘Quality Math for ALL’ and thus take steps towards the conceptual understanding, meaningful problem-solving experience to the each & every child. It is to trigger the math instinct in every learner encompassing a school as a whole, with teachers and students as primary participants.