Our Vision

Our Vision

NCF 2005 outlines the vision for education towards the goal of Quality Education for All. NE firmly believes in the fundamental rights of every Indian citizen for a good quality education provided by the Indian constitution under the Right to Education Act. Our efforts are aimed at strengthening the constitutional mandate of RTE, in accordance with the principles laid down in NCF 2005.


  • Propagate alternative activity based ways of learning to promote inquisitive, rational thinking.
  • Child centric pedagogy of do and discover, learning by doing and understanding for joyful and meaningful learning.
  • High quality innovative learning methods of teaching and learning in elementary science and mathematics along with creative hands on tools help learning a joyful process.
  • Thought provoking, knowledge building learning environments with empowered learners, teachers to achieve a constructivist, child centric learning in every classroom.
  • Building a community, network promoting innovative, reflective practices in education.


To achieve our vision we work in the following areas.

  • Elementary Math and Science education by ‘Active Learning for Understanding’ ways.
  • Science popularization and promotional activities.
  • Innovation, development and production of educational aids.
  • Dissemination of low cost, high quality learning tools and toys sourced from all over India.
  • Training workshops for teachers and educators.
  • Educational services to government, private, low income schools across India.
  • ECE Learning program.
  • Community Learning Centers in tribal areas.
  • Activity based learning programs for children.
  • Production and promotion of educational aids
  • Income generation for needy women through producer’s co-operatives.