Principles & Philosophy


Self-reliance and Self Sustainability 

NE is a self-funded organization. As a self reliant model of working, we believe in generating income and resources to support our activities and vision.


To fulfil its objectives and achieve its vision, NE undertakes various activities that are self-supported.


All the areas of work including production, R&D, Educational programmes, Sales & promotion, Administration and organization are totally self-sustained. The finance needed for carrying out these functions is self-generated.


Our core objective and effort to be a self-reliant group helps us not to depend on external funding, explore possibilities with our strengths without compromising on our basic objectives and values.

Social Enterprise!!

Building an enterprise for the cause NE stands, enables us to undertake various tasks to fulfill NN’s mission, with out making compromise and without dependency on external support but building on our strength.

In fact NN came into existence with a science popularization campaign on the 1995 ‘Total Solar Eclipse’ where we produced low cost solar filters. The group produced around 5 lakh filters within a period 3 months and distributed these across the nation. This was a seminal achievement, which lead to further work.


Educational Services!!

Do & Discover activity based learning: This drives our efforts to bring out innovative, creative toys, games, kits, learning aids which help children do hands on experiments and activities for understanding based learning.

Our Programs :            Math/ Science/ ECE

  • Elementary Math and Science education by ‘Active Learning for Understanding’ 
  • Science popularization and promotional activities.
  • Innovation, development and production of educational aids.
  • Preprimary Activity Based Learning program.
  • Learning programs for children

Low cost high quality ( LCHQ ) production of innovative learning aids!!

NN has incorporated LCHQ as an integral part in all its areas of work. We believe that this is necessary to achieve universalisation of elementary education. Our productionising techniques are constantly aimed at lowering costs by using alternative materials, and methods without compromising on the quality of the product and its utility. The solar filter, which costs a mere Rs.5/-, is the lowest priced solar goggle available any where in the world. The quality of this filter is supreme, equivalent to any international product.

  • Dissemination of low cost, high quality learning tools and toys sourced from all over India.
  • Production and promotion of educational aids
  • Income generation for needy women through producer’s co-operatives.

Dissemination of Tools and Toys!!

Distribution and dissemination: of the educational aids to a large number of children across the country and globe. This is possible as our main aim is universalisation of elementary school Math and Science learning and the Popularisation of science.Our team with various strategies to promote these materials is constantly exploring possibilities, such as:The marketing, sales work engages unemployed youth to earn a living by disseminating educational products.
Networking & partnering with like-minded groups, people is our strategy for reaching out to all sections across the globe.

Our tried and field tested methods of improving the primary level math learning, taking science to common man, removing fear rooted in children’s minds about learning has resulted in a growing demand for the materials produced for the above purpose is dedicated to acquiring, developing, innovating, producing and disseminating high quality, low cost/no cost (LCNC) learning methods, tools and systems to bring about universalisation of elementary mathematics and science skills and competencies.


Our producers co-operative provides viable job opportunities to needy women from slums. Unemployed youth are also involved in various productions & dissemination activities.

The NN team visits schools organises and holds exhibitions, runs a distribution outlet “discover it” from which are distributed learning tools and toys.

Income generation for needy woman!!

Employment opportunities for needy women and unemployed youth from under privileged sections: Our production methods deliberately employ labour intensive, employment generating techniques.

The production function is set up in a co-operative mode of functioning. The members procure, produce, store, keep records of their work and manage the set up. This enables them to plan, organize, and execute most of their activities, on their own.

Income generation for needy women through producers cooperatives.

The jodo kit, total maths kit, solar filters and other materials produced by NN are made by a women’s cooperative conducted by NN. This cooperative provides viable and sustainable livelihood for needy women

Employment Generation: This enables us to provide viable and sustainable employment to needy women from underprivileged backgrounds. The production process is simplified yet efficient and precise, and does not require huge investments. This ensures supply as per demand and volume production can be easily achieved.