Science Popularization

Science for AIl is our motto. NE actively cooperates with the people’s science movements (PSM) to promote a scientific temperament in the general public.

Solar eclipse campaigns: For the 1995 and 1999 total solar eclipse campaigns in India, we developed leaflets, slide shows, poster exhibitions and our own low cost solar filters, which mode possible mass campaigns in many states.

Jodo and the architecture of matter:

We have held numerous workshops on Jodo and its applications in schools, colleges, universities and research institutions.


Sunderstanding campaign: We have initiated a campaign to take sun study to every school, developing unique and effective LCNC methods to image the sun, observe and study sunspots etc. We organised in the year 2000 national and city Sun Trek workshops for this campaign in collaboration with Nehru Science Centre and other institutions.

Skyshows, Astronomy :

We have held popular astronomy slideshows, exhibitions and skyshows.