About Science

Navnirmiti EduQuality works with the ideology where Learning by doing and discovery is the key. We intend to popularize Science by developing critical thinking and building Scientific Temperament. The interventions focus on enhancing the significance of Science for the children and inculcating the learning in their day to day activity.

Conceptual Understanding:

We focus on giving conceptual understanding to the children so that the learning they gain leads to brain development of the child.


Problem solving skills:

Using the knowledge from the concepts that have been taught, the children are made to apply those concepts for problem solving.


Real life connections

Using the knowledge from the concepts that have been taught, the children are made to apply those concepts for problem solving which leads to connections between concept and actual implementation.


All these lead to; Creativity enhancement, develop critical thinking abilities, building imaginative abilities and scientific temperament

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Child Centric

The methods of learning are child centric and based on the individual intellectual level.


The methods of learning are innovative and interesting for the children.

Hands on Learning by doing

The pedagogy are focused on giving hands on experience to the children and the learning is happening using all senses (Audio and Visual).

The methods that are implemented are Joyful and fun for the children, which generate curiosity that allows children to answer their questions.

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Popularization Workshop

  • Transit of Planet
  • Night Time Astronomy
  • Day Time Astronomy
  • Solar / Lunar Eclipse

Mass Campaings

Community Programs


Theme Based Event

  • Transit Of Mercury 2015
  • Transit of Venus 2013
  • IYA 2009
  • Internation Year of Light 2015
  • Solar Eclipses
  • Transits of Planets
  • Sun Spots
  • Tour of Solar System
  • Eyes on ISON

Science Day Celeberation

  • Science Day
  • Engineers Day
  • Scientist Birthday
  • Children’s Day
  • Environmental Day
  • Pi Day, Darwin Day, Forest

Games * Contest * Puzzle * Project

  • Astronomy Fair
  • Exhibition
  • Science Fair

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Hands on Learning by doing Activity based Do an discover methods Integrated Innovative best practices Constructivist child centric pedagogy

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Science Popularization

Science for AIl is our motto. We actively cooperates with the People's Science Movements (PSM) to promote a scientific temperament in the general public.

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