Navnirmiti Eduquality, is a not for profit, self reliant social organisation, Social enterprise. It believes in the secular values of our constitution and right to good quality education for all. It aims to achieve Quality for Equality, social empowerment and is actively working towards ‘Quality Education for all.’


Our work since 1995 has been aimed at propagating meaningful education, through alternative methods and learner centric pedagogy that would enable learning by understanding for all.


We have been working in the field of Math, Science and Early Childhood Education. We have designed, developed and disseminated innovative learning methods, tools that help children learn in joyful and understanding ways.


The alternative activity based ways of learning by doing promotes inquisitiveness, rational thinking, scientific temperament and problem solving abilities. The high quality, innovative learning methods of teaching and learning in elementary Math and Science through creative hands on tools are aimed at learning by children from all sections of the society.


As a Self Reliant way of working, we believe in generating income and resources to support our activities and vision.