We believe ‘Equality in Quality Education for Equitable outcomes’ needs access to good quality education by all, which drives our mission to innovate and propagate good quality educational systems, appropriate learning environment, methods and pedagogical practices for achieving high quality learning

With the motto of "Quality For Equality", Navnirmiti Eduquality finds ways of developing high quality, low cost learning methods in Mathematics, Early childhood education, and STEM & Science Popularisation through creative and innovative pedagogies, to make learning an inclusive and a joyful process especially those otherwise marginalized.

Navnirmiti Eduquality Foundation (NEF) is a Section 8 company, a not-for-profit organisation, actively working towards achieving ‘Quality Education for all.’ It is a self-reliant social organisation, an enterprise that believes in universalisation of good quality education.




ECCE program aims at providing opportunities and experiences for an all- round development – physical, cognitive, language, socio and emotional, art and aesthetics and school readiness for children aged 3 to 6 years. The balwadis, anganwadis, pre- school centres provide health care and age-appropriate learning experiences in all the developmental domains thus nurturing their potential and growth

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An active math learning approach is based on the ELPS pedagogy of learning by doing and understanding. It is an interesting and joyful process of hands-on experiences which simplifying math in a step-by-step manner by making meaningful associations of concrete experiences and abstract symbols aided by a wide variety of materials, kits, games and toys to play and learn.

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Is an interdisciplinary approach that aims to nurture and ignite the natural curiosity in young minds to become creators and innovators. It encourages developing a scientific outlook and aptitude from experiences, where students are engaged with real life problems solving and applications, to develop skills and confidence which goes a long way to instil scientific temperament, foster logical thinking and questioning abilities.

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Our Partners


Savita Bhoire

During this programme we have learnt many things. Using small cards, we can teach children in play way method and letters using picture cards. With the help of simple ball game now we can introduce the name of the child in the class. Creativity sessions have improved. During the program we have realized the Importance of free play, picture talk, importance of preparation, activities for fine motor development, as well as connecting games and activities with the concept. Over and above this due to the programme we (Sevika and Helper) are now able to conduct age appropriate activities with the children. More importantly our behavior towards the children has changed.


Parent says, we are happy with this programme. Our children are learning many things in the Anganwadi. Children are asking questions. Many parents from Deslepada are supportive and encouraging the Anganwadi and its developments, which has helped the Anganwadi sevika and supportive teacher in providing good quality educational experiences through activity the sessions more effectively even compared to private schools/and private centers around the vicinity.


We as knowledge partners, implementation agency are keenly interested in partnering and collaborating with CSR partners, funding agencies, government agencies in various educational initiatives across India.

Also for enthusiastic professionals / individuals who are interested in working with us.