CARVAAN-Play, Learn, Create.

As the name suggests ‘Carvaan‘ is a journey of a large group of tiny creative beings. A journey fueled by wonder, awe, and curiosity, one of self exploration, and self expression. Carvaan is undoubtedly a journey that quenches children’s innate thirst of curiosity and teaches them the philosophy of life through inquiry-based learning. Carvaan aims at making children independent, self-confident and socially cordial, the essentials for remaining creative and productive individuals. Reaching out to underprivileged children across Mumbai to light a spark in their mind through a wonderful experience. Carvaan provides an opportunity to gain knowledge based on understanding and it builds awareness and motivation in them, guiding them towards education for a meaningful, poverty-free and dignified future. Carvaan is an innovative camp for such deprived children providing them an opportunity and a platform. One such learning initiative for children is CARVAAN Summer Camp. It is a small gateway to enlighten their latent talents & self-esteem which homs heir skill and confidence. These camps are a huge success with enthusiastic participation of thousands of children from less privileged section of the society who otherwise do not have access to this exposure and experience.

Joyful Learning

Through joyful learning Camp provides children with an opportunity to learn new skills and express their talent.
We believe that exposure to real-life situations, stimulates mental, physical and behavioral growth among children. Carvaan brings together alternative concepts of learning with unique opportunities

Community Bond

Carvaan creates an atmosphere conducive for increased bonding between community volunteers and children to co-operate and come together for constructive growth.
It helps in building ownership of the process by the community to evolve their own solutions to various issues.

Social Responsibility

A network of members from the community, corporate, academic institutions, resource persons and proactive individuals working together
to propagate the mission of Universalization of Quality Education.

Impact Since Inception

15+ years Experience

25000+ Children Enrolled / Participated

100+ Hands-on Activities Developed

Camp Activities

Glimpses of 2023