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India was fortunate to have no less than three total solar eclipses which were visible from this country in the last two decades. These were used by hundreds of organisations all over the country to promote mass participation in safe eclipse viewing and in discussions on science and superstitions. The low cost solar filters produced by Navnirmiti for safe viewing ensured the participation of crores in this activity. Peoples science movement have been building a mass campaigns on studying the sun, utilising the phenomenon of sunspots, TOV Solar Eclipse all of which can be viewed elegantly but simply with equipment available in the poorest village school.

The utilisation of low cost/ no cost methods of promoting high quality learning is both possible and necessary to counter the misconception that science is the monopoly of the advanced West, which can only be accessed through expensive computer hardware and software out of reach of most Indians, or through the National Geographic or Discovery channels on cable TV

Popular Science Campaigns

  • 1995
    Total Solar Eclipse in India
    TSE INDIA- 500,000 FILTERS
  • 1999
    Total Solar Eclipse in India
    TSE INDIA- 500,000 FILTERS
  • 2001
    SunTrek - Sunspot Maximum Year
  • 2002
    Total Solar Eclipse in South Africa
  • 2004
    Transit of Venus
    TRANSIT OF VENUS- 100,000
  • 2012
    Transit of Venus
    TRANSIT OF VENUS- 100,000
  • 2019
    Annular Solar Eclipse in India
    Suryotsav – ASE – 3,00,000
Magic Mirror Experiment
Projecting the Sun with Magic
Sun Card
Sun Card Experiment
Ball Mirror
Ball Mirror Projection

Science Fair in Passpoli School MCGM.

Passpoli school
Passpoli school
Passpoli school
Passpoli school

Using Ball mirror to observe the rotation of Earth

Portable Dark Room
Very Long Focal Length Lens
VLFL with Ball Mirror

Upside Colour TV - Observing through Upside Down Color TV

Solar Eclipse Observations - Using Solar filter to observe Sun


PAST Science Fair